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Vibe Manchester - Visual Communication Identity

Logo design and branding proposal for a cafe/bar based in Manchester /Spinningfields area. Ideas began to shape around these keywords:

Cafe, saxophone, coffee beans, stars, night, and notes.

The combination of these keywords within typeface in the "Vibe Manchester" words is the final approach. And the shape of covers visual itself, is the real contour of the map of the Spinningfields area and it's a metaphor of a place like home.

Vibe Manchester is a visual communication identity project which includes half of the branding design of a cafe in Manchester.

Vibe Manchester will stand as a café throughout the day. The client wanted to host a warm and inviting atmosphere within the shop that allows customers to relax and chill out. Towards the evening, the bar will transform into a jazz lounge with live acts playing and drinks flowing.


In terms of the coffee shop throughout the day time, the client aims to attract young professionals, as it is a mere 3-minute walk from Manchester's business district, Spinningfields.


Vibe Manchester will host a relaxed and sociable atmosphere where our customers can have drink, listen to some music and hang out till late.

You will be going to see my sketches, the structure behind the design, and my final design while I was designing the branding of Vibe Manchester. You can also read the proper brief of the project on this link:

Option 1

Option 2

Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 04.00.56.png

Option 3


Final Option

You can see the full project outlines in the PDF presentation bellow, just click to the image below. :)

You can see the full project outlines in the PDF presentation below, just scroll inside of the presentation. :)

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