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Cinedrella - Website to Magazine/Booklet

You'll going to see my thoughts about the 86th Oscar movies and at the end of the booklet, you can play some guessing games before watching the ceremony. I created an envelope-sized film criticism booklet/magazine because I decided that my subject is all about the Oscar so, when the presenter goes on stage to explain the winner, he/she comes up with an envelope in his/her hand and I wanted to use that envelope size as a metaphor. 


The idea of turning the website into a booklet/magazine was one of the most entertaining things I've done in 2016. I choose the website that I built, for the Academy Award ceremony. I love watching Oscar's, and I love watching these films and predict who will win the award before the ceremony begins.


It made it more manageable for me to know everything from A to Z, and of course, thanks to this site, there is a massive nostalgia about the memory of went to the 69. Cannes Film Festival. 

In the down below, you will see my website that I used, while creating this booklet/magazine:

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