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Kaiden's Story

This is Kaiden, and he has a condition name "hemiplegia."  Hemiplegia is a condition caused by an injury that leads to paralysis on one side of the body. When I was doing my Erasmus internship in Manchester, our client wanted me to shoot Kaiden's development over a month. So here is his story voiced by his family. 

At the end of four weeks, it was an inexplicable feeling to see the light and happiness on the family's face. Kaiden was one of the most unique and innocent children I have ever encountered in my life and from here, I wanted to thank him for all his efforts. I would also like to thank the Daley family for having such a beautiful mom and dad. I will always remember and keep the meaningful gifts they gave me at the end of the process. 

And Kaiden, if you read this when you get older, don't forget this because your family will be going to be always going to be there to support you..

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You can watch his story on Vimeo too by following this link:

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