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This is the video that I participated in this years "EF Global Intern" contest.


I’m Bahar, a 21 years old design and film student from Turkey. This is my adventure. I’ve always thought of reading a book is opening yourself up to a new view in life. Due to this thinking, I believe good education; reading and traveling is the right way to open doors to a successful path. You know there is a saying: "Is a person who reads a lot knows more or a person who travels a lot?" I think that is important to know the balance between the two, to become a world citizen. So I think EF’s mission of opening the world through education means is the keeping balance between the two. In my life, I’ve always tried to keep reading and traveling equally to get to know the world better and closer. To be citizen of this world; I believe "EF Global Intern" will be the place where I will learn many things about my own education while keeping the world in my hands.

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