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This is a PDF presentation. You will see the continuation of the presentation when you click on the photo below the brief.

Electronic Music Festival Branding

Basic Disarm Electronic Music Festival is an electronic music festival is offering much more than only good music, as you may enjoy the fun of the glow in the dark and lots of various activities through the weekend.

The festival's logo consists of a robot that our employer explains that "humanoid cyborg who escaped from the factory to explore human relations, emotions and sexuality." colored with the Basic Disarm Festival official colors. It can stand alone, or go with the Basic Disarm depending on the background's color.

The brand uses four official font faces for its visual identity: The outline family Sifonn Outline for its headings and body copy, and the modern sans serif Montserrat to provide contrast. Sifonn used for the headlines of the presentation. And Montserrat is used for most articles, and bureaucratic part of the festival like company headed paper, business card etc. Monsterrat Bold is used to specify the highlight in the section.

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