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15 December 2017


This content is my favourite because it's about the İstanbul Design Biennial which i participate. Istanbul Dizayn Biennial which IKSV has been organizing since 3 years and will be held for the 4th of this year. The theme of this year "School of Schools" is Istanbul Design Biennial, has 8 themes to participate. I participated in the theme "Patterns and Rhtym". I will explain this content with the words of IKSV:

"A School of Schools is a multi-platform biennale that will use, test, and revise a variety of educational strategies to reflect on the role of design, knowledge, and global connectedness in contemporary Istanbul and beyond. The amount of information in the world is more than doubling every two years. People know more than ever before. Lifelong learning is

touted as the only way to keep a job and keep your head. Chalk and talk, and reciting multiplication tables has no chance against the animated distractions in our pockets. Meanwhile, the machines themselves have started learning too. What will be left for humans to do and which mental faculties remain irreplaceable are hot topics. Is it time to go back to school and redesign it? 


The eight themes that A School of Schools will focus on have been determined based on personal, experiential and scholarly research in Istanbul, building on the research of previous Istanbul Design Biennials. While not aiming

to be comprehensive, the themes indicate some of the dominant frames through which the world is learned today.

Under the present conditions of information overload, extreme societal and environmental change, and increased tension between physical and digital, these parameters of knowledge are in urgent need of review.

-Patterns and Rhythm

From mathematics and music, to genetics and programming, to textiles and pixels, the mechanism of repetition has allowed us create and learn some of humankind’s most ambitious achievements, yet it is still often regarded as a minor aesthetic and stigmatised method of learning. From natural cycles and generative algorithms to thrilling attractiveness and public camouflage, this theme will consider the technical, educational and social significance and uses of patterns and rhythms in learning and design. When is doing things over and over ingenious, and when

does it indicate that we are stuck?

If you want to learn more about ,you can click on the link below:


This is a PDF presentation. You will see the continuation of the presentation when you come down on the photo and slide it downwards.

This is a PDF presentation. You will see the continuation of the presentation when you click on the photo.

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